8" Engineered Planks

Today, PLANK WIDTH ultimately depends on one’s style and personal preference.

When planning your wood floor design, besides thinking about characteristics like prefinished, unfinished, colour, character or select grade, you will need to think about the overall dimensions of your entire floor — widths and lengths. This is an important design feature that will determine how beautiful your floor will turn out. You may just simply want to consider the overall dimensions of your room. Large rooms look great with wide planks. If you want to make a small room look larger, you can do so with narrow boards. You can also create a dramatic look by choosing wider boards for smaller rooms.

Here are some tips for picking floor plank size:

Narrow Planks:

A refined look often works best with slender 2 ¼”–3 ¼” widths so be sure to go thinner for an elegant look. Thinner boards will work best with a pattern and will give you the most flexibility to line up corners correctly so for a herringbone pattern or parquet designs, chose narrow or strip boards. 

If you’re a traditionalist, stick with thin widths for a classic wood floor. Planks between 2 ¼ inches and 3 ¼ inches are most common in homes and give you that classic hardwood floor appearance. They will also have fewer unique characteristics for a more sophisticated and refined feel.

When considering budget, narrower hardwood boards tend to be less costly when compared with the wider styles. However, it is important to note that strip plank flooring will have a higher installation cost due to the increased time spent installing the floors.

Wide Planks:

If you’re looking for a weathered, bleached or distressed wood look, the wider planks can give you a more rustic feel. If you love to highlight the uniqueness of wood, the wider boards will reveal the wood's character with more grains, knots, and colour variations.

The wider floorboards will also give you a more contemporary look and give a more uniform look with fewer seams. If you want to mix and match for effect, wider planks work with the eclectic look best.

Avoid using wide type planks in small rooms, as it makes the room appear smaller.