Hickory makes one of the most durable, strong, resilient, dense and shock resistant flooring. Hickory flooring has quite a strong gorgeous contrast colors and looks good with stain finishes. It has wood grains, knots, mineral streaks all on a single board. The wider boards are preferred to reveal all these intrinsic patterns on your floor. It is also good at retaining stains. It is gorgeous with a sense of rustic charm, and among the most benefits of hickory is increasing the house or home value to the potential buyers. It can help increase your house resale value a lot.

It requires minimal maintenance and it’s one of the more water-resistant wood flooring options. Due to its density, strength and resilient hickory flooring is a good resistance to shock and impact. Falling objects may leave no damage on your hickory flooring it also has good scratch resistance. Light shades of hickory may help lighten your darker rooms making your house look brighter. Hickory has a super-unique look and charm offering style and elegance to either your home or business.