Laminate flooring is a synthetic product created by sealing several layers in a lamination process. These layers make the laminate floors a strong and long-lasting option. It is built for both durability and affordability as they are typically less expensive than hardwood. They mimic real hardwood and are available in several styles such as hickory, oak, maple, and walnut simulating natural patterns and textures. Laminate flooring is the best option if you are working on a DIY floor project as it is using a Click-and-Lock installation method so it is easy to do it yourself.

Laminate floors require minimal maintenance, easy to clean also makes it great for homes with pets and children because you can wipe spills easily and vacuum debris like pet fur without any trouble. However, getting it too wet is not advisable, using of special mops with little water is recommended as excess moisture could reach the layers and cause them to deteriorate in time.