Vidar Design Flooring is a leading flooring supplier that offers a variety of sizes, colours and kinds of high quality hardwood flooring to satisfy all customer needs. They offer product quality by investing into the raw materials, equipment, new technologies, packaging, as well as shipments in order to make their products durable and reliable. Their products are backed up with a 25 years warranty.

Using White Oak from the United States, and our multi-layer Birch plywood are sourced from Russia. The cross-grained and multi layered plywood construction with open slots are designed and manufactured to increase the durability of the products while making the installation process easier and faster. Using Bona's world famous coating on some of their best selling products. The beautiful finish of the Bona paint combined with the quality wood materials make Vidar Design Flooring products truly unique in the market place and deserve the utmost consideration in your purchase decision.