London Fog - NAF AquaPlus Silver Vinyl (with 1mm Underpad) - 7.1"

London Fog - NAF AquaPlus Silver Vinyl (with 1mm Underpad) - 7.1"

Floors@Work Vinyl

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NAF AquaPlus Silver 5mm Rigid SPCE Core Vinyl Planks features waterproof high density, high stability floor with almost no expansion and contraction suitable for both commercial and residential purposes. Features a high definition PVC décor film which provides beautiful natural wood visuals in addition to a layer of 1mm Husssh! underlayment which dampens sound and provides extra moisture protection at joints.  

Colour Name London Fog
Dimensions 1220 mm x 182 mm x 5 mm (4 mm +1 mm)
5 mm
Wear Layer 0.3 mm/12mil
Width 7.1"/182mm
Length 1220 mm
Wear Rating AC5
Bevel Painted Bevel
Package 23.90 sqft/box
Finish UV Lacouer Ceramic Finish
Texture Embossed In Register/Deep Textured
Locking System
Drop Down Click (5GI)
Warranty 30 Years Residential/10 Years Commercial


***Use of additional underlayment is not recommended during installation and will void all warranties***

1) UV Coating Layer 

    Provides protection against UV rays, to help resist fading. 

2) Wear Layer 

    The wear layer provides durability, stain and scratch resistance, 

    adds texture. 

3) Decorative Layer 

    Provides stylish and lifelike reproductions of real wood surfaces. 

4) SPC/Rigid Core Board 

    A core layer providing the strength of the flooring. 

5) IXPE Underlay 

    IXPE is a closed-cell foam that is 100% waterproof, and impervious 

    to mildew, mold rot, and bacteria, while providing excellent 

    sound-proofing capabilities.  


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