The gorgeous Maple hardwood flooring is an attractive blend of beauty and stability. Maple is dense therefore durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily living. It has lighter graining for a smooth modern or contemporary look. Maple has creamier and lighter complexion than the other woods, though some grades will contain mineral streaks ranging from medium brown to almost black. The grain is fairly fine and light with the grain lines varying from quite straight to wavy or even curly. 

Maple floors can last for generations making it ideal for high-traffic areas however it does not absorb stain as well as other species therefore staining could look uneven and blotchy. (This is more common with dark stains). It is advisable to condition it first to accept the stain more evenly.

Maple is a fantastic choice for wood flooring. It is durable, blends in with existing woodwork, and its beautiful lighter tones help to make smaller rooms and spaces seem more significant.